What is a civil funeral ceremony?


A civil funeral ceremony is a personal celebration of the life and personality of your loved one, or indeed you, if you are planning your own funeral. The ceremony can be non religious or it can include some religious elements such as readings, hymns and prayers. The service is generally held in a crematorium, at a graveyard or any other place that you wish.


Are there restrictions on what we can do?


There are very few restrictions on what you can have at a civil funeral service. This is your service and I am here to ensure that you or your loved one has a service that is personal and reflects their life. I would encourage you to be as creative as possible. 


I'm not religious, can I be buried?


Yes, many burial services take place following a service in a funeral parlour or any other place that you wish that service to be conducted. It is also very common for the whole service to be held at the graveyard.


Can we have hymns, music or prayers?


Absolutely, we are happy to incorporate and can even suggest particular readings, hymns, prayers and you can have as little or as much of these as you wish. Alternatively you can choose not to have any religious content. 


All questions are welcome...


Arranging a funeral can sometimes feel overwhelming, that's why we are here to help. I will do everything I can to make the process of arranging your loved one's funeral less daunting. It is important that you have confidence that the service we are planning meets all your needs therefore please ask as many questions as you need.